Middleton Cycle

6641 University Ave., Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: (608) 831.7433
Winter Hours: M - F: 10am-630pm, SAT: 9-5, SUN: By Appt.

Charge Into The New Year!

The Charge Cooker Maxi takes you anywhere. Find it at Middleton Cycle.Rugged. Versatile. Ready for Adventure. (And snow!)


The Charge Cooker Maxi floats on 4-inch wide low pressure balloon tires to take command of snow, ice, and buried trail hazards with ease. Your favorite trails (or snow-covered commute) will take on a whole new feel!

Take a closer look here!Charge Cooker Maxi is at Middleton Cycle Now!

Winter Riding

We'll keep you bicycling in the cold weather!Enjoy your bike every day of the year, or at least whenever you feel like it! Our selection of winter cycling clothing and accessories gives you the ability to ride when others will hide. Come get the right clothing and get out and play!

Winter conditions can be harsh on cables, tires, brake pads and adjustments. Keep your ride smooth and safe for the rest of the winter season with a maintenance check or a tune-up.
Give us a call or simply drop off your bike any time! 

And when you just can't make it outdoors, an indoor trainer will keep you in your saddle and you'll maintain your fitness you've worked so hard to achieve. We're ready to help you find a trainer you'll love!

Keep Up Your Fitness - At Home!

Okay. So the weather is already looking frightful.

Since 1966, when Schwinn started the at-home fitness craze with the revolutionary Exerciser bike, they have been a leading innovator in the fitness industry.  Not only will you feel good using Schwinn fitness equipment, but we think you’ll have a little fun in the process.  Check out some of our indoor fitness equipment here, or better yet, stop in and try it out for yourself!

Biking In The Dark?

Even for short rides, proper illumination makes a world of difference. See and BE SEEN!

Ensure your safety by equipping your bike and body with good lights and visibility items.
We have a wide selection of bike lights and cold-weather cycling clothing for everyone from occasional night riders to year-round commuters.

Bring Your Bicycle Repairs To Us!

We'll get your bicycle running smoothly!
We specialize in expert bicycle repair. Whether it's an old dust-covered rig you want to get overhauled, your custom machine that needs a basic tune-up for that big ride, or just about anything else, simply bring your machine by and we'll get it running right again!
See more about our Service Department, here.

Today's Bicycle Tip From Middleton Cycle

Put Together A Tool Kit For The Road And Trail - If you're packing the right stuff, that little bag under your seat can be a ride saver in the event of mechanical problems. For the most common breakdown, a flat tire, carry a spare tube and tire levers (these make it easy to remove the tire and they usually come in sets of two or three). A patch kit will allow you to repair one of your tubes if you're unlucky enough to have a second flat. A tire boot (a 1- x 2-inch rubber patch or an old section of tire) is great to have in case the tire gets torn or cut (the boot is placed between the tube and tire to cover the hole). A chain tool allows you to fix a broken or damaged chain. And, a multi-tool (some include chain tools) with four-, five- and six-millimeter Allen wrenches and screwdrivers will allow you to adjust most of the bolts on your bike. And of course, always carry cash and change for food, energy drinks and to call someone to pick you up in case of the rare failure that you can't fix.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day


The part of the front derailleur the chain passes through. Also, that thing that holds your bottle, which is called a bottle cage.